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Real Estate 3.0

DCAP acquires, manages, and tokenizes real estate properties focusing on passive income generation and long-term value creation. DCAP harnesses blockchain technology to bridge the gap between traditional Real Estate Investments and the modern technological tools for the smart investor.

DCAP ecosystem

The DCAP ecosystem ensures an equitable and profitable distribution of revenues for all investors no matter your capital investment.

DCAP brings Real Estate and crypto together, allowing everyone to profit from one of the most sought-after asset classes by smart investors.

investment layers


Buying our ecosystem token is the easiest entry into real estate investing.*

*Buying/selling DCAP carries a 10% fee.


Stake your $DCAP

Diversify DCAP across multiple interest bearing stakingpools. Diversify dozens of projects and choose from 3 return profiles.*

*Interest-earned is dependent on your deposit length.

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Invest in Real Estate 3.0

Earn cash flow, property depreciation, and equity in the DCAP company.*

*Accredited investors only.

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The real estate revolution

Seamless and secure

real estate assets

Asset tokenization is the process by which ownership is fractionalized and recorded on a blockchain that allows individuals to acquire property and share ownership in a decentralized framework.

Seamless and secure

Low minimum
capital requirements

Our ecosystem includes investments allowing for up to 35 non-accredited investors to join highly lucrative real estate investment opportunities.

Seamless and secure

Your financial future
at your fingertips

Invest, scout investment opportunities and manage your portfolio from our simple dashboard on your mobile device or laptop.

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Buying our ecosystem token is the easiest entry into real estate 3.0. Stake your tokens into interest-bearing pools.


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